Our taxi experience in Orlando

Our family flew to Orlando from Toronto. My wife and two daughters were really tired after an 8 hour flight and given the fact that we were arriving late at night all we wanted was to get to our hotel. A week before our flight trying to figure out our transportation from the airport to the hotel I stumbled upon Orlando Taxi4Hire. I liked the website, the reviews were decent so I contacted them about the airport pick up. Within a couple of hours they got back to me with the quote. The rate was very reasonable so I decided to book with them. They asked for my last name to make a greeting sign, our contact cell phone number in case the driver needs to call us and a credit card info to make the reservation. The last part I did not particularly like but they reassured me that nothing is going to be held or charged on it unless I decide to pay with it at the end of the trip. I ended up paying cash and was satisfied to see that indeed nothing was charged to my credit card. We had no trouble finding our driver upon arrival as he was standing in the baggage claim area holding a sing with our name on it. A young fellow was not a native English speaker but his English was fluent. He was extremely helpful. His or company’s vehicle was very clean and non-smoking as per my request because my wife can’t stand the cigarette smell. I should mention that although I booked just a regular taxi our driver came in a very nice town car. It didn’t cost us any extra although I gave him an extra tip. My young daughters fell right asleep in the car and didn’t wake up until we arrived at the hotel in Disney. The other thing I liked about Orlando Taxi4Hire is the fact that they do not automatically add tips to your fare. They let their customers handle that and I believe it is fair. So our experience with this company was very positive and we booked them for our trip back and also for a few trips in Orlando.

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